Organ Ensemble Audition Information:


Organ majors (like most music majors) are required to participate in an ensemble each semester (eight credits total). Usually organists participate in a choral ensemble (in fact, at least 4 credits of choral ensembles are required for organ majors). However, if the student is proficient in an orchestral or band instrument, some of the ensemble credits can be earned in instrumental ensembles. Organ majors should follow audition information for the ensemble they wish to join (singing for the choral faculty or playing for the instrumental faculty). Some ensembles (both choral and instrumental) are non-auditioned; if you desire to participate in one of these, simply sign up and then attend the first day of class.

Organ students do have opportunities to accompany choirs on the organ. However, these opportunities are assigned on an as-needed basis during the semester. There are very few opportunities to earn ensemble credit by playing the organ in the ensemble. These are limited to accompanying a choral ensemble (as rehearsal pianist, with some organ accompaniment) or playing keyboard for the Baroque Ensemble (harpsichord and organ). Students interested in these options should speak directly with Dr. Kerr and then the specific ensemble director to determine the possibility of participating in these ensembles at the keyboard for credit.