Students pursuing composition studies complete a BMA in General Music (690-116) with a composition focus. This is a two-tiered program that begins with four semesters of juried lessons in a primary performance area such as piano, organ, voice, or other instrument. This is followed by four semesters of juried lessons in composition after having completed both the performance juried lessons and four semesters of the musicianship course sequence.

Composition students will need to have been admitted to the BMA degree program and have participated in the Student Composers Society during their first two years of study at BYU-Idaho.  After the completion of these prerequisites, prospective composition majors may apply to be accepted to the composition focus for their final two years of study. This application process will include a review of compositions prepared as part of the Student Composers Society as well as a review of the student's performance in the musicianship classes.

For those not accepted at this point the following options exist.:

  1. Complete the BMA in General Music degree (690-116) by continuing with applied lessons on the primary and/or a secondary instrument.
  2. Complete the BA in Music degree (687) which would require no additional applied lessons but a choice of other music electives.
  3. Apply for admission to the BM in Music Performance degree (693). This third option would require an entrance audition and additional and enhanced juried lessons and recital(s) on a principal instrument.
  4. Transfer to another institution that may be able to accept the student into a music composition program.