Ensemble Audition Information: Brass

Audition dates:

Winter 2014: January 6
Spring 2014: April 21
Fall 2014: September 15

Auditions will be held by instrument in each instructor's office as follows:

Trumpets: SNO 282D, Ryan Nielsen
Horns: SNO 282H, Jon Klein
Trombones: SNO 282E, e-mail Bryce Mecham for audition materials and instructions
Tubas & Euphoniums: SNO 282F, Golden Lund

Sign-up sheets for auditions times will be posted the week before auditions outside each instructor's office.

General audition requirement information:

  • a solo of your choice
  • a contrasting piece of your choice
  • a sight reading piece provided at the audition

For jazz auditions:

  • 24 hr jazz piece (provided the day prior to auditions)
  • improvisation

Specific instrument audition information:

  • Horn
    • Exposition of Mozart Concerto 2 or 4 (Henle or Barenreiter)
    • Exposition of Strauss Concerto 1 (optional)
    • Beethoven Symphony 6: Horn 1 solo in the 3rd movement (49 after A to 2/4 a tempo); Horn 1 solo in the 5th movement (opening)
    • Brahms Symphony 2: Horns 1 and 3 opening; Horn 1 solo in the 1st movement (Reh. M to 31 after M); Horn 1 Solo in the 2nd movement (Reh. A-B - Horn in B-Natural)
    • Strauss Ein Hendenleben: Horn 4 Reh 8-12; Horn 1 Reh 101-Langsam 6/8; Horn 1 Reh 107-109
    • Hopprasch Book 1 #8, Horn in D
    • Sight Reading