Ensemble Audition Information: Choral

Audition dates:

Fall 2014:
September 12-13 (Priority Consideration)
September 15 (Men's Choir/Vocal Union/late auditions)

Winter 2015:
Jan 2-3 (Priority Consideration)
Jan. 5 (Men's Choir/Vocal Union/late auditions)

Spring 2015:
April 18 (Priority Consideration)
April 20 (Men's Choir/Vocal Union/late auditions)

Collegiate Singers:

  • WHO: Singers with previous experience in an auditioned choir at BYU-Idaho may audition for Dr. Kempton or Dr. Ashby directly; others MUST sing a preliminary audition
  • WHEN: Main auditions begin 1-2 days before classes begin each semester
  • WHERE: Snow Building-sign up in hallway near 282B and C
  • PREPARE: A memorized song or hymn (60-90 seconds); range and skills check

Men's Choir:

  • WHO: Men with previous experience singing in an auditioned choir or those with confidence in their ability to match pitch and sing in tune
  • WHEN: In class, the first day of classes
  • WHERE: Snow 269
  • PREPARE: Men will be asked to sing a melody and/or part of a hymn (no preparation of the hymn is necessary) Those interested in being considered for Men's Choir should officially register for the class prior to the audition. The course is MUSIC 315.
  • Significant preliminary communication will be via campus email to those registered in the course.

University Choir:

  • No audition required. Register now for Music 312, section 1 (women) or section 2 (men). Off-track MEN may register for the continuing education section.

Women's Choir:

  • WHO: Any ladies may audition. Previous choral experience in an auditioned choir is desirable. 
  • WHEN: Private auditions begin 1-2 days before classes begin each semester
  • WHERE: Snow Building-sign up in hallway near 282B and 282C
  • PREPARE: A memorized song (40-60 seconds)--there will be a range and skills check, and some sightreading 
  • CALLBACK AUDITIONS: A second audition (the Callback) for those who pass the private audition is held during the choir class time.

Women's Glee:

  • No audition required. Register now for Music 313.

Vocal Union:

  • WHO: Student vocalists who have prior choir or other group vocal experience. Jazz choir experience is desirable but not required. Private lessons are encouraged. All participants must be in compliance with the BYU-Idaho Honor Code and be in good academic standing .
  • WHEN: The first day of classes. Women: 2:00 - 3:15 and Men: 3:15 - 4:15 (you will need to stay the entire time)
  • WHERE: Snow Building room 153
  • WHAT: Interested applicants should prepare a 60 second excerpt of a jazz standard that demonstrates their best range, performance, and vocal ability. Any attempts at "stylizing" the piece (scoops, slides, etc.) should demonstrate good musical taste. In addition, you may be asked to sightread a short melody and/or rhythm.
  • For additional information please contact Sis. Brower at browern@byui.edu