Sophomores (30 - 59 credits)
Note that failure to meet these requirements will block you from registering for classes.
1. Review the recommended course sequencing on the flowchart for your degree.
2. Get on the grad planning tool and plan out your next two semesters of courses - following the flowchart - you can plan out more semesters if you like, this will help you to balance your load
3. Save your two semester plan in the grad planning tool.
4. Print out a hard copy of your plan and submit it to the ME office (Sister Carter) for review. If you are not on campus, email your two semester plan to or
5. Once we approve your two semester plan we will clear you for registration.

The "Creating a Semester by Semester Grad Plan" document provides the resources you will need to create your grad plan. 

If you have additional questions, please attend the Grad Planning Workshop, Fridays 4 - 5 in Austin 110.  

Transfer students should visit with ADC, Austin 106 at their earliest convenience to ensure transfer credits are being appropriately applied.