FDMAT 108 - Technology

In order to be successful in Foundations Math 108, students need to become proficient with technology. Most teachers will require students to use a combination of handheld calculators, computer spreadsheets, and online loan calculators to perform the computations necessary for the course.

Graphing Calculators

A handheld graphing calculator can save tremendous time by quickly performing computations that would otherwise require hours of effort by hand.

Online Calculator Instruction


A spreadsheet is a rectangular table or grid of information. It is made up of rows and columns into which numbers or formulas are placed. The spot where a row intersects with a column is called a cell. What makes a spreadsheet so powerful is that it is "live": by changing one part of the spreadsheet, the calculations that result from that change are updated.

Spreadsheets are useful in dealing with financial data as well as in calculating and displaying simple statistics. Here are some spreadsheet resources that help explain spreadsheets and how they work:

The Basics of a Spreadsheet


Microsoft Excel 2003 Essential Training

Microsoft Excel 2007 Essential Training

Performing Financial Calculations with Microsoft Excel

Loan Calculators

Many financial institutions provide online calculators to help consumers determine loan possibilities. Anyone with internet access can use them to play "what if" scenarios. These loan calculators (in most cases) produce an amortization schedule for each loan.

Here are some of the most popular online loan calculators: