FDMAT 108/108T

FDMAT 108T is a 1.0 credit course (pass/fail) offered during all semesters to both on and off-track students.  It will satisfy the BYU-Idaho Foundations requirement an, in essence, contains the most vital topics of Mathematical Tools for the Real World.


FDMAT 1o8T allows students, who have had a higher than average background in college mathematics, to explore the contemporary topics of finance math, linear and exponential modeling, probability, and statistical reasoning.  You will complete this course online at an individual pace within the semester's calendar.  Discussing practice activities with other students is invited, but the exams should not be discussed in any way except with your instructor.


Successful completion of one of the following Foundation courses or its equivalent:  FDMAT , 110, 112, 113, 114, 119, 215, 221, 222, 223, or 224.



Although a textbook is not required, older editions of the traditional FDMAT 108 course can be borrowed or purchased inexpensively. The McKay library also has a few textbooks reserved for temporary check out just for the 108T students.



Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software (or equivalent)

Either a scientific calculator or graphing calculator


Grading Policies

Your final grade will be Pass (P) or Fail (F) for 1.0 credit based on the following scoring:

  • Financial mathematics Exam (minimum score 60 or higher)
  • Statistical Literacy Exam (minimum score 60 or higher)
  • LIfe-Planning Spreadsheet Project (minimum score 80 or higher)