Mathematics Department

FDMAT 108/108T - Mathematical Tools for the Real World


FDMAT 108 Course Outcomes

The overarching goal for Mathematical Tools for the Real World is to inspire students to act wisely when faced with quantitative challenges in collegiate coursework, employment, and daily living.

Students will be able to . . .

  1. Make sound financial decisions through careful budgeting, provident living, taking advantage of the power of compound interest, and prudently managing debt and tax obligations.
  2. Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to make informed decisions with confidence.
  3. Apply properties of arithmetic and algebra in the use of percentages, unit conversions, and linear and exponential models, to solve practical problems.
  4. Use fundamental principles of probability, along with descriptive and inferential statistics, to better scrutinize statistical studies discussed in the media.
  5. Appreciate the aesthetic value of mathematics by reading and writing about enrichment topics such as the golden ratio, mathematics & music, the pigeonhole principle, or the concept of infinity.