BYUI MarComm Team FAQ

The MarComm Team consists of marketers from various campus departments and is responsible for:

  • Helping your department with increasing the consistency of strategic messages and brand positioning, improving quality of messages (with a focus on online communication), and finding efficiencies through increased collaboration with marketing and communication groups serving individual departments and offices.
  • Reviewing and approving communication items for public-facing or large university audiences from all departments before they are published.
    • Messages are assessed for Honor Code appropriateness, potential public relations issues, branding adherence, misrepresentation of information, copyright issues and additional marketing considerations.

  • Representing departments in communication decisions as they relate to the Marketing and Publicity Policy 1-23, new channels, and policy exception requests.

  • Training and assisting departments with marketing needs.
    • Examples include helping with media buys, online advertising, individualized trainings, video production consultation, social media strategies, design and layout ideas, editorial calendar creation, cross-promotional opportunities, policy updates, and shared costs for communication platforms/tools. 

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