BYUI MarComm Team Approval FAQ



Why do I need approval from the BYUI MarComm Team and how long does it take?

Public facing messages need to be reviewed from several aspects, including legal to branding, to protect the university and implement effective marketing practices where possible. It typically takes two business days from the time you complete the approval request form to get required changes and suggestions back from the team. Please note, it is best to seek approval throughout production and well before the distribution deadline with videos and other projects that will require additional time to make required changes. (Contact your MarComm Team representative)


What items do I need to submit for approval to the MarComm Team?

A few public facing examples include: email newsletters, videos, booth materials, magazine ads, TV spots, radio commercials, brochures, websites, chapel posters, Internet ads, billboards, live streaming (not requiring authentication), blogs, apps, etc.


What are common mistakes I can avoid to help me get approved?

 A few of the common errors include: not verifying information with departments you are speaking about or could impact, potential public relations implications, Honor Code misrepresentations, branding issues, and not properly obtaining copyright permissions. Here are a few more additional errors.


What brand standards do I need to follow for off-campus advertising?

View the off-campus brand style guidelines and video guidelines.


Who do I contact about copyright laws and Church permission to use their materials in promotional pieces?

Please contact the BYU-I Digital Content/Intellectual Property Rights Specialist.


Where can I find release forms for testimonials, photos, etc.?

View the BYU-I release forms.