MarComm Co-op FAQ



What is the difference bewtween the MarComm Team and the MarComm Co-op?

The MarComm Team is made up of FTE (Full Time Employees) who are responsible for reviewing and approving off-campus promotional pieces (brochures, videos, etc.). The MarComm Co-op is a production team of PTE (Part Time Employees) project managers, designers, and programmers that follow the student leadership model and are managed and art directed by a FTE web UX graphic designer. They also collaborate with and are mentored by other University Relations and MarComm Team member employees. The Co-op is an "agency for hire" to help departments create and develop communication pieces.


How do I submit a project request?

Complete the following request form, and a project manager will respond within two business days. Note - The MarComm Co-op provides services for BYUI University Departments. For non-campus businesses, please contact Soapbox to employ student staff for your communication projects.


How much will projects cost and how and when will I be charged?

You will only be charged for the time and wages of the PTE that works on your project. We do not make a profit as you only pay for their wages. Wages range from $8.70 to $10 based on the experience and skill set of the employee. Other services (photography, SEO, analytic consultation, design review, etc.) are not charged for unless a designer, project manager, or programmer need to be involved.

At the end of each month, financial services will make a withdraw on your general ledger from the account you provided. The withdraw shows up as a MarComm Design line item. The amount withdrawn is derived from the hours spent working on your projects over the course of the month and the correlating wages (based on the employee) of those hours.


What kinds of projects does the MarComm Co-op work on and how long will it take?

The MarComm Co-op focuses on design for print and digital materials including mobile-responsive website designs and programming. View our portfolio.

Print and Digital Materials:

  • Magazine ads, invitations, brochures, posters, billboards, and newsletters
  • Booth displays (table covers, pull-up banners, swag, etc.)
  • Social media memes, newsletters, CVN banners, and web-ads

Completion times may vary, but typically projects are completed within a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the number of changes, if photo shoots are required, and number of items needed.


  • Minor fixes - content updates, broken links, replacing photos (1-5 days)
  • Medium changes - new pages or sections, updates to several sections (1-3 weeks)
  • New sites - complete redesign or new site (1-3 months)

Completion times are reduced significantly when departments are able to commit more time to writting content for the web pages. Most web pages can be laid out and programmed within a few hours. Consider a few of our website planning tips (get PDF Reader).

Other Services:

  • There are several other free services (video production, web analytics, copyright advice, etc.) available through other departments. View a list of these services and others at the bottom of the page.


Who do I need approvals from after the MarComm Co-op completes our project?

Your Department:

  • Your department should do a final review of print pieces for any mistakes (spelling, grammar, copyright, etc.).
  • When possible, you should request a printed proof from the press before you print the full quantity. Becasue each paper and printer quality is different, printed pieces may differ in color, folding, or intended quality. Additional changes can then be made by designers, selection of different papers, or a different vendor based on printing abilities.

Other Departments:

  • When referencing another department's responsibilities or if your piece may impact another department, please contact them for review or advance notice.

On-Campus Advertising:

  • On-campus advertising must be approved by the Branding and Marketing Office in University Relations. You will also need to reserve certain marketing channels in advance (sidewalk signs, billboards). For guidelines and to submit items for approval visit or call 208-496-3110.

Off-Campus Advertising:

  • Public-facing promotional items will need to be reviewed by the MarComm Team before distribution. Please complete the approval form with your piece.


Who can I contact with additional questions?

MarComm Co-op Project Managers - or 208-496-2071
FTE - Roger Nichols at 208-496-2051