Digital Equipment

The circulation desk in the library now checks out a variety of media equipment (digital still cameras, video cameras, tripods, audio recorders, and projectors) that is available for academic use only. Below are the steps that must occur in order to check out the equipment.

Step 1 Upon accepting this equipment, you are responsible for the following:

  1. You will be 100% responsible for the equipment from the moment it is checked out until it is checked back in.
  2. You will be responsible to report any malfunctions or damages to the equipment upon check-in. You will be billed for the full cost of missing pieces or repairs for damages sustained (whether by you or someone else) while equipment is checked out under your name.
  3. If you receive equipment that is broken or in poor condition you will contact the STC and let us know immediately. Our number is 208-496-7231
  4. A fee of $10 per day, per item will be charged if any item is late!
  5. Students can check the equipment out for 4 hours, and faculty have a 24-hour check out.
  6. Exceptions are rare but can be made. Contact the Circulation Desk if you feel your request would be an exception.
  7. By checking out equipment we assume you have read the policy and agree to all its terms.

Step 2 Academic purpose and instructor approval:

In order for students to check out any media equipment, there must be an academic purpose. Additionally, teacher approval is required through e-mail to the Circulation Services at The library employee(s) will then look for the required e-mail that must be sent from your instructor’s account to verify that the equipment can be checked out.

Step 3:

Once the approved e-mail has been sent, you will need to come to the Student Technology Center to check out the equipment. After you have captured your footage, you may have questions on how to get the information off the device. The Student Technoloy Center in the Commons would be available to assist you in this process.