CONTENTS: Volume 8 Number 2, Autumn 2008

Thinking Aloud

John Thomas-Editor


Mind & Spirit Lecture

Leisure Time and Human Happiness

Kari Archibald-Department of Recreational Leadership


A Steady, Upward Course

A Firm Foundation


Light Amid the Darkness

David D. Peck--Department of History, Geography, and Political Science


Mathematics for the Real World
K. Shane Goodwin--Department of Mathematics


Foundation for Humanities

Jeff Anderson--Department of Humanities and Philosophy


Family Foundations: A Forum Discussion

Philip Allred, Janiel Nelson, Richard Openshaw, Doug Ladle, Steve Dennis


Watching Foundations Rise

Henry J. Eyring--Advancement Vice President


There is no End to [Knowing]...

To Know as We Are Known

Scott Samuelson--Department of English


History: New Texts, New Interpretations

Shawn Johansen--Department of History, Geography, and Political Science


Making History

Shawn Johansen--Department of History, Geography, and Political Science


Identifying and Combating False Needs

John Ivers--Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Tracking Ecological Footprints

Tate Carter--Department of Biology


Ecological Paydays

Tate Carter--Department of Biology


There is no End to Truth

Music: Portal to Spiritual Truth

Stephen Allen--Department of Music


Truth in Fiction

Josh Allen--Department of English


Things I Used to Know

Josh Allen--Department of English


An Elegant Solution

Jennie Youngberg--Department of Mathematics


Proving Pythagoras

Jennie Youngberg--Department of Mathematics


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