CONTENTS: Volume 8 Number 1, Spring 2008

On the Threshold of the Temple

Rebecca Robinson-Editor


Mind & Spirit Lecture

If There Is Anything Virtuous, Lovely, or of Good Report of Praiseworthy...

Ronald Bennett-Department of Communication


A Steady, Upward Course

Desiring Consecration


Don't Be in a Hurry

John C. Thomas-Department of Religious Education


What We Are Asked to Do
Fenton Broadhead-Academic Vice President


The Mahonri Model of Temple Worship

Scott Ferguson-Department of Religious Education


How Beautiful the Feet

Henry J. Eyring-Advancement Vice President


Destiny of Another Sort

Vaun Waddell-Department of English


The House of the Lord Is Completed: Celebrating the Rexburg Temple

The Ground upon Which Thou Standest Is Holy (Doctrine & Covenants 115:7)

Opening a Temple in Rexburg

Val Christensen-President, Rexburg Temple


The College and the Temple on a Hill

Brent and Donnajean Kinghorn- First Counselor, Rexburg Temple Presidency


The Blessing of a Temple in Our Community

G. Farrell Young- Second Counselor, Rexburg Temple Presidency


Behind the Scenes

Vance and Diane Hendricks- Assistant Temple Recorder and Tour Guide Coordinators

To Please the Eye... (Docterine & Covenants 59:18)

Imaging the Temple

Mike Lewis-University Photographer


Color Section


Painting Our Dual Nature

Scott Samuelson-Department of English


...And to Gladden the Heart (Docterine & Covenants 59:18)

Writing a Poem: Temple; Consolation

Mark Bennion-Department of English


Cleaning a Handrail

Jim Papworth-Department of English


Quatrain for President Hinckley

Matt Babcock- Department of English


Four Temples; Temple Marriage

Jim Richards-Department of English


Sunrise Pink, Ocean Blue

Scott Samuelson-Department of English


Whosoever Is of a Willing Heart, Let Him Bring it, an Offering (Exodus 35:5)

A Pattern of Doors Opening

Christen Hartvigsen-Historian, Rexburg Idaho Temple Committee


Clean Inside and Out

Charles Frost-Temple Construstion Missionary


Painting the Temple

Leon Parson-Department of English



Gerald Griffin-Co-chairman, Rexburg Temple Celebration


The Holy Ghost over the Bent World Broods (G.M. Hopkins, "God's Grandeur")


"Temple" from Differing Disciplines: A Forum Discussion Participants: David Peck, Gerald E. Hansen, Tom Toone, Ross Baron


Music in the Temple of Wisdom

Jon Linford-Department of Music


The Rites of Shiva

David Peck-Department of History, Geography, and Political Science


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