CONTENTS: Volume 7 Number 2, Autumn 2007

After the Dodo

Scott Samuelson-Editor


Mind & Spirit Lecture

Truth is Reason

Robert Worrell-Department of English


A Steady, Upward Course

Knowledge as Premise for Doing


Foundations of Science: How Scientists Discover Truths about Nature

Brian Tonks-Department of Physics


An Overview of Intelligent Design Theory
David Johnson-Department of Mechanical Engineering


Teaching Evolution in Idaho: The Legislative Rule

Todd Hammond-Department of Religious Education


Religious Freedom as a Human Right: Lessons from the Trenches

Michael Young-President, University of Utah


Hands to Help


What If "Plan A" Doesn't Work?: Helping Female Students Navigate an Uncertain Life Course

Casey Hurley-Department of Business Management


How to Prepare Students for the World of Work: A Forum Discussion

Participants: Bruce Kusch, Kim Van Wagoner, Ralph Kearn, Guy Hollingsworth, Bob and Marva Pothier, and moderator Scott Samuelson


Peer Instruction: Faculty as Architects of Peer Learning

Clark G. Gilbert-Department of Student Activities and Peer Instruction

Steve Hunsaker-Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Brian Schmidt-Department of Student Activities


A Microstudy on Students Teaching Students

Anne Papworth-Department of English


Tending Our Garden

Learning Illustration

Wade Huntsman-Department of Art


The Arts in Zion

Ryan Nielsen-Department of Music


Teaching Flute: Scales and Etudes

Patricia George-Department of






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