CONTENTS: Volume 6 Number 2, Autumn 2006

Above All Things...
David Pulsipher-Editor


A Steady, Upward Course

More or Less


Learning More, Faster: Calendar 2007
Vaun Waddell-Department of English


Less Can Be More: Sacrificing Coverage for Understanding under the New Academic Calendar
David A. Rock-Department of Foreign Language


Can Less Be Better?
Craig D. Bell-Department of Business Management


On the Future of Faculty Scholarship at Brigham Young University-Idaho
Stephen K. George-Department of English


For Students' Sake


A Case for Student Participation
Rob Eaton-Department of Religious Education


The Ship of Curious Workmanship Sails to China: Term in Beijing for BYU-Idaho
Scott W. Galer-Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures


Holding Class on the Holodeck: Experiential Learning through Technology
Susan Grover-Department of English


Rethinking Versus Re-Tweaking Education: A Case for a Comprehensive Liberal Arts Curriculum At BYU-Idaho
Ryan S. DaBell-Department of Chemistry


Challenging Assumptions


What Is the Character of Your God?: How Our Personal Images of the Divine Can Impact Our Lives
John M. Rector-Counseling Center


Catholicism's Contribution to God's Plan
Gerald Hansen, Jr.-Department of Religion


Some Thoughts on Intelligent Design and Its Relationship to Evolutionary Theory
David P. Johnson-Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mind & Spirit Lecture

Teaching in Zion
Eugene Thompson-Department of History

Tending Our Garden

Visual Language
Scott Franson-Department of Art


Aspen: Quaking; Death: Aspen (October 1989); Above the Aspen
Jim Papworth-Department of English


Miscarriages: For Sarah; Guestroom
Eric d'Evegnee-Department of English


I Will Go Again; Rameumptom; Song of Arrival
Mark D. Bennion-Department of English

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