CONTENTS: Volume 5 Number 2, Autumn 2005

Ancient and Infant: Struggle Steadily Upward
David Pulsipher-Editor

A Steady, Upward Course

The Direction


Raise the Bar: Brigham Young University-Idaho Devotional, 25 January 2005
Elder Henry B. Eyring-Quorum of the Twelve Apostles


Thomas E. Ricks Building Dedication: 
18 February 2005
Elder David A. Bednar-Quorum of the Twelve Apostles


Toward Unity


Meeting President Clark: An Interview
Kim B. Clark-President, Brigham Young University-Idaho


Of One Mind, One Heart:
Learning to Counsel Together in Faith
David L. Ward-Faculty Association President


Striving to Understand


Living with Contradictions
Kent A. Bessey-Department of Mathematics


Attitudes Toward Religious Pluralism Preceding the Restoration of the Gospel
David A. Pigott-Department of History


Establish Regular Prayer: How Islam Seeks to Conquer Vice and Cultivate Virtue
David D. Peck-Department of History

Mind & Spirit Lecture

How My Scholarship Prepares My Mind to Receive Eternal Truths: Mind & Spirit Lecture, Autumn 2005
Brian Tonks-Department of Physics

Tending Our Garden

A Little Patch of Blue
Gerald Griffin-Department of Art

Memory and Imagination
Louise Plummer-Brigham Young University


Dying Is a Proper Way of Leaving
Robert R. Worrell-Department of English


Blind Man to the Healer
Jim Richards-Department of English


Seventeen Desert Haiku, Van Gogh at Sea, Teaching Gwendolyn to See the Butterfly
Scott Samuelson-Department of English

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