CONTENTS: Volume 5 Number 1, Spring 2005

Forging Tools, Paths, Minds-and a Spirit
Terry Gorton-Editor


Brigham Young University-Idaho Devotional
Robert M. Wilkes-Interim President

Building With Integrity

The Academic Standard


Academic Grade Negotiation
K. Shane Goodwin-Department of Mathematics


The Dynamics of Student Research:
"Voyaging through Strange Seas of Thought"
Terry Gorton-Department of English


Plagiarism: What's The Big Deal?
Dean Cloward-Assistant Dean of Students

To Copy or Not

Educational Fair Use: 
"I'll know it when I see it."
Casey Ann Hurley-Department of Business Management


Copy Rights
Shane Cole-McKay Library


Teaching, Learning, Together


Good Teaching: Pursuing the Elusive
John J. Ivers-Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning:
A Case of Rethinking Scholarship
Greg K. Williams-Department of Religion


One Heart and One Mind
Robert R. Worrell-Department of English


Our Friend, The Book


Exploring the Ethics of 
The Picture of Dorian Gray
M. Kip Hartvigsen-Department of English


Hierarchy of Literary Values
Vaun Waddell-Department of English


Ethics in Literature: Q&A at BYU-Idaho
Wayne Booth-Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago

Tending Our Garden

That was the River; This is the Sea 
Rich Briggs-Department of Art

Pushing the Frontiers

Computers of the Future
Anita Weston-Department of Information Systems


Waving a Magic Wand
Kent A. Bessey-Department of Mathematics


Internships: A Forum Discussion
Guy Hollingsworth, Kenton Anderson, Carma Sutherland, Kent Marlor, Steve Stokes, Bill Torngren, T.L. McRae, and David Pulsipher (Moderator)


Views from the Summit
BYU-Idaho Faculty Association; Bruce Kusch, W. Les Manner, and Casey Hurley

Highlighted Links
University Message