CONTENTS: Volume 4 Number 2, Autumn 2004

Expressing Mind & Spirit
Kent Bessey-Editor

Let Us Reason Together

Evolution on Campus

A Delicate Balance:
Teaching Biological Evolution at BYU-Idaho
Lynn Firestone-Department of Biology


Teaching Geology, an Old Earth, and Organic Evolution in the Context of the Gospel
Edmund J. Williams-Department of Geology


An Explanation of the BYU Library Packet on Evolution
Stephen Ott-Department of Chemistry


Ways of Knowing


Pigeons & Pigeonholes
Kent Bessey-Department of Mathematics


Potassium Chlorate and Me:
Fifty Years in Fireworks
Wesley D. Smith-Department of Chemistry


Pulling the Pins on Voodoo Science
John D. Lamb-Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Brigham Young University


Educating Children


No Child Left Behind
William D. Hansen-Former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Education


Idaho's Education Reforms and the National Agenda
Marilyn Howard-Idaho State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tending Our Gardens



Chasing the Sun:
My visit to Japan
By Rich Briggs-Department of Art


Always a Basketball Player
Mark Bennion-Department of English


Walking to Bach
David Ward-Department of English


Beyond Our Borders


A Better Life After the Wall? Ja und Nein:
Perspectives from Two East German Families
Brooks Haderlie-Library Division


Chaining the Demons, Liberating the Soul:
Fasting in Islam
David D. Peck-Department of History,

Geography, and Political Science


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