CONTENTS: Volume 4 Number 1, Spring 2004

Moving Targets: An Interactive Editorial
Anita Weston-Editor

Assessing Our Students, Assessing Ourselves

Across Campus


Scholarly Assessment
Steve Hunsaker-Department of Foreign Languages


Notes from the Registrar
Kevin Miyasaki-Registrar


In The Classroom


Merely a Teacher
Joyce Anderson-Department of Teacher Education


Views from the Summit
BYU-Idaho Faculty Association


Experimenting with Assessment


Risky Business: The Value of Student Input
Jack Harrell-Department of English


Multiple Choice Versus Constructed Response: A Small-Scale Classroom Assessment Experiment
K. Shane Goodwin-Department of Mathematics


Developing Rubrics for Student Presentations
Jeffrey Andersen-Department of Humanities

Tending Our Gardens

Not Even a Sparrow


Charity Never
Matthew James Babcock-Department of English


Origins of Human Worth
John M. Rector-Counseling Center


Seeking to See


Heredity and Houses
Carla Jimison-Department of Art


A Holy Day, A Holy Place, A Holy Life Preparing
Scott Ferguson-Department of Religion


Thinking as Latter-day Saints


To Infinity and Beyond . . .

Kent A. Bessey-Department of Mathematics


Justified Violence; Sanctifying Love: 
Thoughts on War
David Pulsipher-Department of History


Beyond Our Borders


Righteous Judgment: 
Appreciating What Islam "Has"
David D. Peck-Department of History,

Geography, and Political Science


Letter from Tatarstan
Vaun Waddell-Department of English


Highlighted Links
University Message