CONTENTS: Volume 3 Number 1, Winter 2003

Teaching Load: What It Is Is How We See It
Vaun Waddell-Editor



Teaching Ourselves, Teaching Our Students

Conceptualizing and Communicating


Teaching and Learning: Educational Theories
Rhonda Seamons-Learning Assessment Coordinator


Classroom Applications for Educational Theories
Assessment Handbook, Jeff Anderson, Jeff Hamblin


Teaching, Learning, and Inquiry
Scott Ferguson--Department of Religion


Improving Communication to Become One
David L. Ward-Department of English


New Voices on Campus: 
Taking Learning Seriously


"Prove all things, hold fast that which is good"
Steven V. Hunsaker--Department of Foreign Language


Learning and Teaching at BYU-Idaho
Beth R. Hendricks-Department of Communication


Tough or Tender in the Classroom
Mike Cannon-Department of Communication


New Voices on Campus: 
Education Founded in Faith


Hired: Covenant and Contract
Bruce Kusch-Department of Business Management


What Color of Blue Are You?
Brian Lemon-Department of Chemistry


Rethinking Education at a Church School
Christopher N. Fox-David O. McKay Library


With Gratitude and Love
Samuel L. Clay II-Department of Psychology


A Community of Artists



Dove Egg, To My Children, Postcard, Above Henry's Lake: Mid November
Jim Papworth-Department of English


Film in the LDS Community


The Art of Filmmaking
Richard Dutcher


Art Among a Peculiar People: A Review of Brigham City
Shauna Samuelson




Tracking the Antelope, Thoughts at Lammastide (Clearing a Space)
Matthew Babcock-Department of English


The Power of Art


The Four Seasons
Matthew Geddes-Dean, College of Performing and Visual Arts


An Interview with the Art Gallery Director
Gerald Griffin-Department of Art




Dorla Jenkins-Department of English, Retired

Highlighted Links
University Message