CONTENTS: Volume 2 Number 3, Late Fall 2002

Flummoxed Midwifery
Anne Hendricks-Editor



Rethinking Education

Learning to Think, Struggling to Speak


Dismantling a Theme Park
Dawn Anderson-Department of English


Socratic Questioning in the Classroom
Robert Bird--Department of English


Getting the Right Attitude and Strategy for College

M. Kip Hartvigsen-Chair, Department of English


Charting Course: To Do What Only a Teacher Can Do
Rod Keller-Dean, College of Language and


Adjusting to Clusters


A Discussion on Clusters-3 October 2002
Rhonda Seamons, Kevin Miyasaki, Cheryl Calderwood, David Magleby, Ellen Pearson, Ron Bennett, Kevin Shiley, and Anne Hendricks (Moderator)


Sample Clusters
Department of Child and Family Studies &
College of Business and Communication

International Connections


TARI and BYU-Idaho: New Relations
Vaun Waddell-Department of English


Between East and West: PreventingMisunderstanding Between Peoples
Mirza Izmagilovich Makhmoutov-Founding Director of TARI, Former Minister of Education of Tatarstan


Multicultural Communication: Theory and Application
Dilyara Mansourovna Shakirova & Farida Tansukovna Nezhvmetdinova-Rector & Vice-Rector of Tatar-American Regional Institute (TARI)


Tending Our Gardens

Demystifying the Creative Process
Leon Parson-Department of Art


Science and the Soul
Lyle J. Lowder-Department of Biology, Retired


The Gordon B. Hinckley Building

Hinckley Building Dedicatory Luncheon
Kathleen Barnes


An Interview with the Portraitist of President Hinckley
Leon Parson-Department of Art


Dedicatory Remarks & Prayer
Thomas S. Monson-First Counselor in the First Presidency


Gordon B. Hinckley--President, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Highlighted Links
University Message