CONTENTS: Volume 2 Number 1, Winter 2002

Smashed Windows & Milk Jugs
David Pulsipher-Editor



Preparing Students for Their Role as Citizens

Laying the Foundation


Why Teach Logic?
Robert R. Worrell-Department of English


Ellen Pearson-Department of English


A Divine Deterrent to Creeping Relativism
Robert L. Millet-Department of Religion, BYU-Provo


The World in Which We Live


Failed Expectations in a Promised Land
Randy Hayes-Department of Religion


Equatorial Encounters
Benjamin Romney-Department of Horticulture


The War Against Terrorism: A New Generation of Warfare
Sean Cannon-Department of History, Geography & Political Science


Learning to Be Human


Arts Education: A Function of Feelings and Sensitivity
Lyle J. Lowder-Retired, Department of Biology


The Contemporary Nature of Steinbeck's Winter: Artistry, Integrity, and September 11th
Stephen K. George-Department of English


Students as Citizens


Service Learning Committee: A Forum Discussion-13 February 2002
Doug Ladle (Chair), Robyn Bergstrom, Gordon Black, Terry Gorton, Anne Hendricks, Michael Lenhart, Mark Nygren, Brian Schmidt, Bonnie Searcy, Grover Wray, & Vaun Waddell (Moderator)


Business Expedition 2001: New Wine in New Bottles
Karen C. Holt, Kirk D. Gifford, and D. Joshua Holt


Into the World


Career Placement at a Four-Year University
Bob Maxfield-Placement Director


Book Review: A Sacred Duty, by Ester Rasband

and Richard Wilkins
David Duerden-Department of Child and Family Studies

Tending Our Garden: Varied Perspectives

The Altered Landscape


Close to Home: Photographs of the Upper Snake River Valley
Darren Clark-Department of Art


Missing Lake
Robert L. Smith-Admissions & Scholarships


Winter Night
Kyle R. Martin-Admissions & Scholarships


Alzheimer's and Onward


Startled Together: A Review of With Words That

Once Were His: An Alzheimer's Experience
Scott Samuelson-Department of English


Watching Dianne Watch Al
Shauna Samuelson


A Book and Beyond
Dianne Dibb Forbis-Retired, Department of English


An Invitation for Submissions

Highlighted Links
University Message