CONTENTS: Volume 1 Number 2, Winter 2001

David Pulsipher-Editor



Transformation: What is BYU-Idaho?

Beyond the Boundaries


The Spirit of Adultery: Students and the Dangers of Abundance
Michael A. Lenhart-Department of History


Teaching and the Art of Layering
Scott Samuelson-Department of English


Integrated Teaching


Service-Learning at BYU-Idaho
Douglas S. Ladle-Chair, Service Learning Committee


BYU-Idaho: A Redefinition
David L. Ward-Department of English


What Kind of Mind Has the Lord?
Joseph B. Romney-Department of Religious Education


Integration Committee: A Forum Discussion
David Peck, Scott Ferguson, Rhonda Seamons, Brian Merrill, Vic Forsnes, Jack Weyland


Departmental Shift


Rethinking Business Education
Kevin Shiley-Chair, Department of Business Management


Discovering Water
Craig D. Bell-Department of Business Management


Quantitative Reasoning: Our New Minimum Mathematics Requirement
K. Shane Goodwin-Chair, Math 108 Committee


Recreation Leadership
Kari Archibald-Chair, Department of Recreation Education


Three-Track Admissions


Implementing a New Academic Calendar
James Gee-Assistant Academic Vice President


Changing Student Attendance to a Three Track Attendance System: A Report to the Presidents Council-9 November 1995
Stephen R. Ott-Department of Chemistry


The Three-Track System: Recommendations to Academic Council-30 November 1999
Summer School Committee


Grappling With Change


The Little House Syndrome
Dawn Anderson-Department of English


Shifting Gears: Retrain by Teeth-Gritting
Anita Weston-Department of Information Systems


Approaching the Mountain of the Lord
Brian A. Pyper-Department of Physics


Foundations, Founders, and Futures
John J. Ivers-Department of Foreign Language


Curriculum Development at the Ward Christmas Party
Kevin Shiley-Chair, Department of Business Management

Oh Say, What is Truth?

Teaching True
Vaun Waddell-Department of English


Modern Science and the Search for Truth
Brian Tonks-Department of Physics


Four Theories of Truth: Learning From the Philosophies of Men

Murray Hunt-Department of Philosophy


Searching for Truth
Gerald Hansen, Jr.-Department of Religious Education

Tending Our Garden: Varied Perspectives

Drawing from Experience
Vince Bodily-Department of Art


The Poet and Rulon Gardner
Matt Babcock-Department of English


Universal Guilt: From Psychoanalysis to King Benjamin
John M. Rector-Counseling Center


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