CONTENTS: Volume 1 Number 1, Fall 2001

Vaun Waddell-Editor

Re-Imagining Ricks: New Wine in New Bottles

From Outside


A View from "Down South"
Douglas D. Alder-Former President, Dixie State College


A Teaching University


BYU-Idaho-A Teaching University
Alan L. Young-Department of Instructional Technology


General Education Committee: A Forum Discussion
Scott Samuelson, Brian Merrill, Phil Packer, Larry Saunders, Jack Weyland


"Integrated Studies"-Issues & Possibilities
David D. Peck-Member, Integration Committee


The Senior Capstone Experience: A Sketch with Vignettes
Scott Samuelson-Chair, General Education Committ

In the Trenches


From the Bottom of the Chain
Randall D. Miller-Department of English


Not Just a Part-Time Teacher: How Will the

Status of Non-Tenure Track Faculty Change at BYU-Idaho?

Susan H. Grover-Faculty Association Representatie


Departmental Shift


Shared Vision: Cooperative Learning and the Transition Process
Rodney D. Keller-Chair, Department of English


Sprinting Towards Four-year Status: Progress and Potential Pitfalls
Robert R. Bird & Dan M. Pearce-Department of English


To e- or not to e-? The Library in Transition
David Butler & Brooks Haderlie-David O. McKay Libray


The Nature of Change


The Process of Change: Why Things Stay The Same
Michael Farnworth-Department of Family Science


Change: Growth
Reese Nelson-Department of Landscape Horticultue

From Above


Another Day in June
Brent Kinghorn-Community Services Vice President


Moving Forward with Faith
Rudy Puzey-Dean, Division of Engineering and Technology

The Jacob Spori Building

The Jacob Spori Building-A Visual Essay
Kelly Burgener-Department of Art


Spori Building, Ricks College, 1903-2000
Donnell Hunter-Retired Faculty

Tending Our Garden: Varied Perspectives

James Papworth-Department of English


Jack London's Religion: An Examination of the Basic Beliefs Evident in his Writings
Randall D. Miller-Department of English


Believers in Spite of Themselves: Spirituality and the California Literary Naturalists
Stephen K. George-Department of English


Our Only Summer in Black Earth, Wisconsin
Mark Bennion-Department of English


Lady Viking Basketball
Lori Woodland-Women's Basketball Coach


The Trampoline
Stephen K. George-Department of English


Science and the Church: Friend or Foe
Edmund J. Williams-Department of Geology


Behold the Mighty Universe
Edmund J. Williams-Department of Geology


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