Faculty Awards & Banquet

Distinguished Faculty Award

The Distinguished Faculty Award honors veteran full-time faculty who have given outstanding service to BYU-Idaho.  Nominations are solicited at large (generally from fellow faculty members) and reviewed by the Best Practices Committee and approved by President's Council. The award is traditionally presented to 3-5 individuals at the All Employee Banquet in the fall.

Please consider nominating those instructors who have shown a consistent effort to improve their teaching and learning, who are innovators in the classroom and who demonstrate campus citizenship.  This should be someone with at least 10 years or more of service and who is continually growing in the work they do. Nominate a fellow faculty member.  

Exemplary Faculty Award

The Exemplary Faculty Award is presented at the Faculty Banquet each year.  Members of the Best Practices Committee solicit recommendations from each of the department chairs in their respective colleges.  These nominees are then passed on to the college deans and then the award recipients are narrowed to two or four per college to be approved by the President's Executive Group.

Nominees must be in at least their third year of teaching and should show demonstrated effort and excellence in one or more of the following categories:

  • Scholarship of Learning and Teaching: Working to help students and faculty learn more effectively and proactively.
  • Campus Citizenship:  Serving staff, faculty and students in a charitable manner across campus.
  • Professional Development: Learning continually about faculty disciplines and quality teaching.
  • Campus Outreach: Reaching beyond our boundaries by serving and expanding the awareness of BYU-Idaho's unique mission.

At the faculty banquet, recipients have traditionally been presented a golden apple while a short description of their efforts was shared.   The Faculty Association originated the award which has been awarded in various formats over the years.  

Faculty Banquet

In spring of every year, faculty members and their spouses come together to celebrate the teaching efforts of faculty at BYU-Idaho.  The Best Practices Committee organizes the evening's program to uplift and inspire faculty in their teaching efforts through presentation of the Exemplary Faculty Awards.  

The date for the 2018 Faculty Banquet is June 7. Please plan to spend a wonderful evening with us as we celebrate you, the great faculty of BYU-Idaho.