Brown Bag Faculty Discussions

Brown Bag Discussions offer faculty an opportunity to share lunch together and listen to other faculty speak about topics related to learning. Faculty have the freedom to speak about things they feel are innovative and enlightening, and are encouraged to present from the heart.

Below is a list of the upcoming Brown Bag Discussions. For additional information, please contact Tammy Collins at 496-1157 or

June Faculty Brown Bag Discussion:

"Concrete Classroom Applications of John Hattie's Research"

Thursday, June 26 at 1:00 pm, MC 372A
Friday, June 27 at 11:30 am, Hinckley 286

At the recent faculty luncheon, Ainsley Rose looked at the body of John Hattie's synthesis of empirical educational research and drew four principles from it:
1. The best professors communicate clear learning intentions and criteria for success
2. The best professors use multiple teaching strategies that include student perspectives in learning
3. The best professors seek feedback regarding the effectiveness of their teaching and provide feedback to students regarding the effectiveness of their learning
4. The best professors incorporate their research skills into their teaching.

Since then, many faculty members have asked, "What next? How do I apply these principles in my teaching? What does this actually look like?"  The purpose of the coming brown bag is to begin to answer those questions.  Devan Barker will lead the discussion and will look specifically at: 

  • How to generate data about my courses and how to calculate effect size and normalized gain (Effect size .90)
  • How to give the kind of feedback to the students that positively effects their performance (only about 30% of feedback does, effect size .73)
  • How to design my assignments and tests to promote retention of the information (Effect size .71)
  • How to help students develop meta-cognitive strategies (Effect size . 69) 

Come join the discussion about concrete classroom applications of Hattie's research. 

To reserve a seat and a lunch, RSVP by Friday, June 20, to