Resources developed by Dr. Larry Michaelsen are available for faculty

February 10, 2014
Writer: Brian Baker

A few months ago, Dr. Larry Michaelsen came to BYU-Idaho and presented a pedagogy he developed to improve the effectiveness of group work in class.

Michaelsen's approach, called "Team Based Learning," has proven to be effective in many class settings and disciplines both nationally and internationally. Some BYU-Idaho faculty members are now piloting these methods in their classrooms.

Because Michaelsen's approach requires faculty to have certain resources, the Department of Instructional Development has made these resources available to faculty members interested in trying Team Based Learning approaches in their classes.

Available for free are scratch-off quiz cards (called IF AT cards), color changing markers for making group quiz forms, and numbered response cards used in group discussions.

Instructional Development can also provide resources and training for other instructional methods already widely used on campus, such as i-clickers.

For more information about these resources, contact Devan Barker at

To learn more about Team Based Learning, click here.