Help your TA hit the ground running.

December 16, 2015
Writer: Joshua Chandler

For the first two weeks of each semester, the Instructional Development Department offers six, one-hour TA training workshops to help new TAs hit the ground running. 

The New TA Introductory Training workshop is taught by students with experience as TAs. This course gives students who have never been a TA a basic overview of their new position. It helps them feel comfortable with their new responsibilities and with communicating with the professor. TAs also learn how to give their professor feedback on the class from a student's point of view.

The I-Learn TA Training workshop is taught by students from the Faculty Technology Center who understand both the student and faculty views in I-Learn. This course teaches students the basics of navigating the faculty side of I-Learn, such as inputting grades, and is available for both new and experienced TAs. Training for I-Learn 2.0 and I-Learn 3.0 will be available. 

These workshops are optional, but a survey done last semester shows that they are beneficial. Professors have noticed a difference between students who took the training courses and those who did not. Because of these encouraging results, TA training workshops will continue in coming semesters.

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