Summary of Dean and Department Chair Retreat

February 9, 2015
Writer: Brian Baker

On February 5th, a retreat was held for deans and department chairs.

Alan Young and Lynne Anderson led discussions about the current status of online learning at BYU-Idaho and the efforts to facilitate a "one university" approach. They sought input on what is working well and what can be improved.

Joel Galbraith and several department chairs discussed ways to help connect online instructors to their academic departments.

Lynne Anderson, Ben Fryar, and Peter Williams facilitated a discussion on the role of course leads.

Alan Dutson and Ed Sexton reviewed the university's status on university and program level outcomes and sought input from the deans and department chairs on course level outcomes and assessments instruments.

Kelly Burgener, Cary Johnson, and Arlen Wilcock gave an update on our LMS (Learning Management System).

Amy Labaugh gave an update on EPS, which will now be called I-Plan.

If you would like to know more about what was discussed at the Dean and Chair Retreat, please talk to your department chair.