Deans and chairs discussed stewardship, communication and simplification

February 12, 2014
Writer: Brian Baker

On February 6th, a retreat was held for deans and department chairs. Three themes were discussed: stewardship, communication and simplification.

  • Stewardship - Fenton Broadhead spoke about what is happening in academics, and Marc Stewart and Scott Bergstrom presented on how to use report card information and stewardship reviews to make improvements and understand students' needs.
  • Communication - Groups discussed the challenges of passing information through administrative lines and brainstormed ways to overcome challenges and improve communication.
  • Simplification - The Academic Discovery Center and Office of Student Records presented about a new advising software (EPS) being built to help students simplify the process of creating a grad plan. This will also help department chairs better understand what courses are in high demand for coming semesters.

Department chairs and deans also met in their respective colleges to discuss prerequisites and how to improve communication.

If you would like to know more about what was discussed at the Dean and Chair Retreat, please talk to your department chair.