Over 300 students participated to receive faculty feedback on their projects.

December 19, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

At the conclusion of this fall semester, students had an opportunity to showcase their original works at the Research & Creative Works Conference. The conference, which occurs towards the end of every semester, allows students to present on everything from dance, communication and scientific research, and engineering.

 "The conference empowers students as they prepare for internships, advanced education, and the workplace," said Hector A. Becerril, conference chair. "It also builds awareness of what is being done on campus, provides direction for students who may be unsure of their emphasis, and allows for networking opportunities between students, student researchers, and faculty mentors."

The R&CW Conference is continuously growing. This semester there were a total of 187 submissions, with 333 students participating, 55 total faculty mentors, and 58 judges helping determine the winners of each session. Members of the city council and the director of economic development also attended the conference.

Michael Decker, a senior from Idaho Falls, ID, participated in his first R&CW Conference this fall. He said, "The conference was a blast. It allowed me to present an idea to a large group of people and see how it would be accepted by the general public. The feedback I received from the judges is invaluable and will provide me with direction as I develop projects in the future."

Winners from each session can be found by following this link.