Steve Hunsaker discusses how the Student Development Outcomes Document was created and how it can be helpful for faculty

May 2, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

The Outcomes Outreach Committee and the Skills Across the Curriculum Committee have created a document that outlines university-level outcomes for students at BYU-Idaho. The first thing you notice when you look at the new Student Development Outcomes are three sections labeled To Know, To Do, To Become. According to Steve Hunsaker, these are not separate items, but three steps in a progression. As we follow these steps, "knowing leads to doing, and doing leads to becoming."

"To know, to do, and to become are really the heart of the document," Brother Hunsaker commented.  He added that "A student's experience at BYU-Idaho is to help that student become a disciple-leader. What we are about here is so much more than academics. Yes, we want the students to know academic things; yes, we want them to acquire academic skills; but all in preparation for a lifetime of effective, prepared disciple-leadership."

One might ask, "How can you be a disciple-leader? Isn't that a contradiction?" Brother Hunsaker explained that we are all disciples of Christ and we will all have to take on leadership roles in this life.  Regardless of calling or position, we can all be the person that encourages others, leads by example, and helps others be their best selves.

The Student Development Outcomes document articulates the general and high-level knowledge, abilities, and qualities students should have by the time they graduate. "This document encompasses all programs on campus. We want every student, regardless of their major, to learn deeply and broadly, to develop core skills, and to become a disciple-leader."

Brother Hunsaker also emphasized that the document focuses faculty on student development.  "It is not about us, but about the students. Everything we do here at BYU-Idaho is to bless the students. Keeping this perspective focuses our work and encourages us to ask how our programs and courses can best help students to develop the key skills and to gain the disciplinary knowledge that will bless them throughout their lives."

The Outcomes Document is a statement of very general outcomes. The Skills Across the Curriculum Committee is currently working on shaping the general statements in the Student Development Outcomes document into measurable standards of achievement. Those standards are in the early stages of development.  If you have questions or suggestions regarding those standards, please contact Steve Hunsaker.

To receive a copy of the Outcomes Document, you may follow this link to a .pdf file or go to this website.