The student Research & Creative Works Conference is accepting abstracts and project submission proposals

March 8, 2013
Writer: Hayden Coombs

Abstract submissions for the Research & Creative Works Conference (R&CW) are now open to all students on the R&CW Website. Submitting an abstract is required for all who wish to participate in the conference. 

The Student Research & Creative Works Conference is an academic venue for students to share their original work. The conference provides students with an opportunity to engage in an independent project that will better prepare them for internships, advanced education, and the work place. At the conclusion of each semester, students from every discipline on campus have the opportunity to present on anything from dance, economics, communication and scientific research, engineering, and pottery.

According to conference chair, Brother Hector A. Becerril-Garcia, "The conference empowers students as they prepare for life after BYU-Idaho. It builds awareness of what is being done on campus, provides direction for students who may be unsure of their emphasis, and allows for networking opportunities between students, student researchers, and faculty mentors."

The R&CW Conference is truly unique, being the only conference in the nation of its kind. While other universities have conferences for students to showcase their research or creative works, the BYU-Idaho R&CW Conference is the only conference that is run completely by students, completely for students.

The conference is also open to the public. Prominent members of the community and local entrepreneurs have attended recent conferences.

Michael Decker, a junior from Idaho Falls, ID, participated in his first R&CW Conference during the Fall 2012 semester. He said, "The conference was a blast. It allowed me to present an idea to a large group of people and see how it would be accepted by the general public. The feedback I received from the judges is invaluable and will provide me with direction as I develop projects in the future."

To submit an abstract, students can follow this link or go to the conference website: each abstract is reviewed by the R&CW review board, prospective participants will be informed via email of which symposium and room their project will be presented in.

For more information, visit the conference website or send an email to