How Perspective Magazine lands on your desk every semester.

October 11, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

Every semester the Publications Committee works in conjunction with the Instructional Development Office to publish the newest issue of Perspective Magazine.

Perspective Magazine, which is in its 22nd consecutive issue, "is the product of much hard work by quite a few people," said Maria Nate, who oversees each step on the magazine's production.

At the start of each semester, the Publications Committee issues a 'Call for Papers,' encouraging faculty to submit a story or article focused on a specific theme. Past themes of Perspective Magazine have included: Learning Online, Teaching Sensitive Subjects, yearly reviews of the Fall Faculty Conference, and Impressions from the Travel Committee.

Once the stories and articles are approved and edited by the Publications Committee, they are sent to a specialized team of students who focus on the design aspects of the magazine.

"Each issue of Perspective Magazine comes from hours of faculty work, from writing to editing. It is put together by faculty for faculty." Sister Nate concluded, "It is an important part of what we do and the process is continually refining itself each semester."

Past issues of Perspective Magazine can be found by following this link. If you have any questions or would like to submit an article to be published, please contact Daris Howard, chair of the Publications Committee.