The Pathway Program has expanded into South Africa and four new locations in Mexico.

February 8, 2013
Writer: News & Notes

Moscow, Russia and Tirana, Albania are among the few new locations that the Pathway Program has opened recently as it continues to grow and expand. Other new locations include Johannesburg (Soweto), South Africa; Veracruz, Mexico; and three additional locations in Mexico City, Mexico.

"Mexico City is bursting at the seams," said Gene Hayes, Pathway's international director. "We're excited with how the program is expanding internationally."

In the new locations there are currently 21 students in Moscow, 13 in Tirana, 11 in Soweto, 16 in Veracruz, and 133 in the Mexico City locations. Pathway has multiple sites already in operation and also has a number of locations that are scheduled to open in the near future, ranging from Peru to Portugal.

There can be many hurdles to clear depending on the foreign location in which Pathway is attempting to launch. Hayes said Pathway International does a full regulatory legal analysis of every foreign country they look into.

Elder and Sister Winder, of Shelley, Idaho, are the full-time senior missionaries who oversee the Pathway Program in Albania. Elder Winder actually served in a previous bishopric with Hayes here in Idaho. Hayes said the Winders were easy to work with because they were so excited about the program and how it helps these young people.

"It's really about blessing people's lives through education," Hayes said. "That's what Pathway is all about."