BYU-Idaho Faculty now have access to two resources for free, the Wall Street Journal Online and Get Abstracts.

August 20, 2014
Writer: Hayden Coombs

Faculty now have access to two resources, the Wall Street Journal Online and Get Abstracts, which were not previously available for free to BYU-Idaho faculty.

Robyn Bergstrom of the College of Business and Communications and Matthew Miles of the Library worked in conjunction to arrange these valuable resources and make them available to faculty immediately.

The Wall Street Journal Online access allows all faculty to sign up for WSJ digital, tutorials, and access to backfires of the WSJ. The WSJ app for iOS or Android can also be downloaded on tablets and smartphones for free. Follow this link to access the WSJ for free.

Get Abstract is an website and online database that contains five-page summaries (abstracts) of business-relevant books in a crisp magazine-page format. Most abstracts can be read it in less than 10 minutes - the perfect length to deliver the book's key ideas. Follow this link for instructions on how to sign up for Get Abstract.