New faculty home page has been created to serve faculty needs.

May 29, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

The new MyBYUI Faculty page was created to meet specific needs of the faculty that were not being met. Things such as faculty-centric links and stories are brought directly to each faculty member's page. All faculty are invited to make the new site their homepage.

The BYU-I website can mean a variety of different things. For prospective students and parents, the BYU-Idaho website is the main webpage, which is designed for external audiences. For students, it is their MyBYUI homepage where they can access their assignments and email.

With the creation of the new MyBYUI Faculty Homepage, faculty now have their own customized site. Brother Rawlins, who oversaw the creation of the new MyBYUI pages, said the new site was created to ease confusion and to, "help create an online environment where faculty feels they can get information from the university."

Brother Rawlins noted that this new site will eliminate the need for searching across the entire BYU-Idaho website because relevant faculty news and information will be sent directly to their individual homepages. "In the past, everything has been scattered across the entire BYU-Idaho website; faculty would have to go searching for what they needed. But, that shouldn't be an issue anymore because anyone with faculty credentials will now have the relevant links, news, and stories brought directly to them every time they log on to their MyBYUI homepage."

To log on to your MyBYUI page, simple go to Once there, click the tab that says "Go to the University Login Page." The final step is to simple type your username and password. You will then be taken to your own MyBYUI homepage.

In a final message to faculty, Brother Rawlins pleaded with faculty to, "be patient," and to, "give it a chance." "The new site is not perfect. It will never be perfect. We're still taking the first steps of development, but everyone should still check it out, find the things that are useful and take advantage of them."