Kristin Ballou has created a resource to aide faculty in creating courses and establishing settings.

April 15, 2013
Writer: Hayden Coombs

Kristin Ballou of the Academic Support Department has created a Faculty I-Learn Resource that helps faculty create courses in I-Learn and establish their desired settings. This tutorial resource is an online tool that features walk-throughs, graphics, and videos. It is currently available to all faculty by following this link.

Developed primarily for adjunct faculty and faculty who struggle with the course creation process, this website is still in the development stage and will soon incorporate features to help customize courses, create content, establish grading settings, and set calendar deadlines.

Sister Ballou said the creation of this resource was primarily to, "provide a user-friendly aide to assist faculty with I-Learn."

At this time, only the Create Courses option is available.  Any faculty that use this portion are encouraged to provide feedback through this Qualtrics survey. With the aide of Brother Arlen Wilcock and the Faculty Technology Center, Sister Ballou will continue to develop this resource and she anticipates the site to be fully functional within the next two weeks."

As faculty, we only create courses every three to four months and some of us tend to forget the course creation process," Sister Ballou added. "All of the basic I-Learn areas will be covered, but the initial emphasis has been placed on the course creation process because it is where there have been the most problems and questions."