Campus Curriculum Development offers faculty assistance with developing and forming their courses.

September 16, 2013
Writer: Hayden Coombs

In an effort to help faculty create I-Learn content for their classes and assist with the developing of hybrid courses, the university has recently appointed Lynne Anderson as director of the new Campus Curriculum Development Department, which will serve faculty who teach face-to-face, blended, hybrid, or competency-based courses.

"We are here to support faculty in the course development and design process," said Sister Anderson.

The current development team includes four full-time developers who work closely with Jeff Smith, the Academic Video and Photo Coordinator, and Arlen Wilcock, the Faculty Technology Center Manager.

According to Sister Anderson, one of the strengths of the Campus Curriculum Development team is, "all of us have taught courses during some point of our careers, which has given us a faculty perspective." 

Additional services offered by Campus Curriculum Development include:

  • Creating custom templates to improve the course "look and feel",
  • Developing e-texts and instructional materials,
  • Developing presentations and animations,
  • Generating ideas to employ the learning model.

Sister Anderson continued, "We understand that instructors may not have the time or technical expertise required to put their ideas into practice.  We can add technology to their lessons, develop assessments that align with their learning outcomes, and help them organize their course content to be more student-friendly.  We are here to help them do that and more."

For more information about Campus Curriculum Development, visit their website here or contact Lynne Anderson at 496-7210 or