New leadership in 17 different positions

April 29, 2014
Writer: Brian Baker

The following changes to college and department leadership will become effective August 1, 2014:

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Sara Hawkins, Nursing Department Chair (replacing Kim Van Wagoner)

College of Business and Communication

  • Kirk Gifford, Dean (replacing Robyn Bergstrom)
  • Keith Patterson, Associate Dean (replacing Kirk Gifford)
  • Darryl Foutz, Accounting Department Chair (replacing Todd Blanchard)

College of Education and Human Development

  • Nathan Meeker, Sociology and Social Work Department Chair (replacing Stephen Smith)

College of Language and Letters

  • Scott Galer, Dean (replacing John Ivers)
  • Dan Pearce, Associate Dean (replacing Suzette Gee)
  • Shawn Johansen, History, Geography, Political Science Department Chair (replacing Sean Cannon)

College of Physical Sciences and Engineering

  • Eric Karl, Dean (replacing Kendall Peck)
  • Mark Lovell, Associate Dean (replacing Aaron Schellenberg)
  • Richard Grimmett, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department Chair (replacing Eric Karl)
  • Jackie Nygaard, Mathematics Department Chair (replacing Ann Marie Harmon)

College of Foundations and Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Kevin Shiley, Director of International Study Programs (replacing Scott Galer)

The following changes are effective as of April 21, 2014:

College of Performing and Visual Arts

  • Brian Memmott, Associate Dean (replacing Vince Bodily)
  • Gary Larsen, Theatre and Dance Department Chair (replacing Richard Clifford)

The following changes have been announced and are currently in transition: 

Academic Office

Alan Dutson, Outcomes & Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator
Boyd Baggett Boyd Baggett, Outcomes & Assessment and Accreditation Assistant Coordinator