Academic Technology I-Learn Newsletter

May 9, 2013
Writer: McKay Cloward

During the fall semester, a survey was distributed to approximately one third of the faculty on campus. 54% of faculty responded to the survey.

We are incredibly grateful to those that took the time to provide their responses. Your feedback helps us to evaluate what we are doing well and how best to improve Academic Technology's services and support systems. Your input regarding I-Learn and Online Learning are invaluable.

A similar survey will be sent out to a different third of the faculty soon. We encourage you provide your input to help us to improve the services that Academic Technology and I-Learn offer.

Here is some of the information we received from the last survey:

Most Used Features of I-Learn/Online Learning
1. Gradebook to grade assignments
2. Email/Communicate tool
3. Gradebook to calculate final grades
4. Posting assignments
5. Post documents for students to read

Least Used Features of I-Learn/Online Learning
1. Adobe Connect
2. I-Learn Labs
3. ATS tutorials to learn I-Learn features
4. Wiki tool
5. Peer assessment
6. Blog / Journal tool

The Most Frustrating Features in I-Learn
1. Gradebook to grade assignments
2. Tests and quizzes
3. Email tool
4. Video/Audio media in I-Learn
5. Providing Feedback to students

I-Learn Features to Improve
1. Email/Communicate tool
2. Gradebook to grade assignments
3. Discussion Boards
4. Outcomes
5. Blog/Journal tool

Resources used by Faculty to get I-Learn Help
1. Called the Faculty Technology Center (FTC)
2. Called the Helpdesk
3. Visited the FTC
4. Got help from a faculty colleague
5. Had an FTC assistant come to your office