HR is piloting a program to help faculty find students with specialized skills.

November 14, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

As part of the Specialized Teaching Assistants Program, Brian Schmidt is working with Human Resources to pilot a process that will help faculty locate specialized teaching assistants. Cynphony Wickline, who works in the HR Department, said this process is designed to help faculty find applicants for the, "uncommon TA job."

If you are looking for a specific type of help or assistance with a specific project, HR can help expedite the process. However, Wickline said that since this process is in the pilot stage, they are only equipped to help the first four members of the faculty who contact her this semester. 

After contacting and meeting with HR, a job posting will be put online. HR will collect applicants for at least a week, weeding out unqualified applicants. They will then take two to three days to interview the qualified applicants. A final list of four or five students will be given to the faculty member for their final decision.

"We are here to help faculty find students with exact and specific skills," Wickline concluded, "We realize there are faculty who need TAs that fit into a specialized niche."

For more information, or to receive help finding a TA, contact HR by emailing Cynphony Wickline at