An instructor shares an uplifting experience in which the Lord used him to touch a student’s life.

June 14, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

Principle two of the Learning Model states: "As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have been commanded to receive the Holy Ghost. No matter what subject we study, whether spiritual or temporal, the Holy Ghost may instruct us as to the truths contained therein. Through instruction by the Spirit, our learning can be tailor-made for our personal development. We recognize that as we keep the commandments of God we will receive the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Ghost in all our learning and teaching."

Recently, Brother Steve Christenson shared an experience of following the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Brother Christenson was at first reluctant to share this story. However, because many members of the faculty don't often see the outcomes of following the Spirit during class, Brother Christenson recounted his experience saying:

"As I opened class I found myself talking about the Holy Ghost as our Teacher and the privilege we have at this university to be taught by Him in secular topics, as well as spiritual topics.  I spoke of Elder Bednar and his constant admonition to act and not be acted upon, and how each student's action to prepare for class through the assigned reading opened the door to receiving help from the Holy Ghost.  I taught that there was right and wrong ways to approaching those assignments and that they might be able to cheat me and my quizzes, but that the Holy Ghost would not be invited through half-hearted, insincere efforts.

"I felt inspired to tell them that each student is here for a purpose, to become tools in the Lords hand.  To be effective tools, they must have learning in scripture and doctrine but also in business, and sociology, and genetics.  None of this was part of my lesson plan; it just came out.  As I closed, I felt it inappropriate to move into our daily quiz.  Since we had been speaking of being taught by the Spirit, I invited the students to ponder and record the things the Spirit was teaching them.  I pondered my impressions as well.  After several minutes, I did continue with the planned material and had a wonderful discussion filled with questions and participation.  At the end of class, I found the attached note left anonymously on my podium.  I have no idea who wrote it."

To view the actual note, you may follow this link.

Brother Christenson concluded, saying, "I share this experience not because I think I am special nor did anything noteworthy.  Indeed, I had no idea who the student was or what they were going through, but God knew and the Holy Ghost testified, and a heart was changed by that testimony.  It occurred in a way that was beyond my capacity and understanding. Rarely do I hear or know the outcomes of these teaching moments, nor are they ever planned ahead of time, but I am very grateful to be at an institution that not only allows, but encourages such moments as the Spirit directs."