A book about creating robots, written by Richard Grimmett, is being published by Packt Publishing.

October 7, 2013
Writer: Hayden Coombs

Since the beginning of August, Brother Richard Grimmett, of the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department, has been working on a book about robotics. Specifically, the book will be centered on the use of the BeagleBone Black, an inexpensive processor board, and how it can be used in creating robots.

Brother Grimmett started initial work on the book after noticing a need in online discussion boards, and recognized how BYU-Idaho students could be utilized in the development of this project.

"Early on I noticed this project would have the opportunity to bless the lives of students," Brother Grimmett said. "I currently am working closely with two students; one who does proof reading and editing for me, and another who is building projects and checking things out as we go."

Brother Grimmett has also been able to incorporate things he has learned from watching his current and former students work with the processor board.

The book, which Brother Grimmett has described as, "not quite a text book, but more of a 'how-to'," will be published by Packt Publishing. It will be officially published early in 2014.

"I anticipate a significant number of high schools and middle schools, and maybe even a few colleges, will use this book. My hope is that it will reach any one who is interested in robotics, from those with a lot of experience to complete beginners."

Writing this book has also created the possibility of working on similar projects in the future. Brother Grimmett hopes to continue working with Packt Publishing as he has been able to use the money that is earned from this book to purchase robotic parts for his students to use.