November 20, 2010
Writer: Brian Schmidt

Many faculty development activities are sponsored by faculty committees at BYU-Idaho. These activities include traveling to national conferences, funding for professional development, grants for student research, publications, and campus workshops.


In an effort to increase faculty representation from all colleges and to make committee work more transparent, the Associate Academic VP of Instruction, Kelly Burgener, has restructured each of these faculty-led committees. Each committee now includes members from every college. Committee chairs come from each college and meet together to coordinate their efforts and develop broader support and synergy.







Our greatest teaching resources are found in the minds, hearts, and skills of our faculty. With the common framework of the Learning Model, discussions about learning and teaching can now extend across disciplines and departments. Faculty members are encouraged to give input to these committees.


Committee charges, major responsibilities, and members are outlined below:



Best Practices Committee Shane Goodwin, Chair
Promotes best practices through faculty recognition and gatherings

  • Faculty Banquet
  • Distinguished Faculty

Committee Members: Todd Kelson, Craig Bell, Nathan Meeker, Elaine Hawker, Roger Merrill



Collaboration Committee Dallin Hansen, Chair
Foster and share educational practices and ideas for ongoing, extended discussions

  • Learning Communities
  • Spori Summit Retreats

Committee Members: Larry Shaw, Beth Hendricks, Kelly McCoy, Jeremy Lamoreaux, Russell Daines

Dialogue Committee Eric d'Evegnee, Chair
Encourage investigation and sharing of faculty research on learning and teaching

  • Faculty Conference
  • Brown Bag Lunches

Committee Members: Daniel Dewey, Andra Hansen, Tom Rane, Rich Briggs, Ryan Nielson

Explorations Committee Dan Moore, Chair
Support student research and foster related mentored student experiences

  • Training & Development
  • Student Research Conference

Committee Members: Steve Christenson, Ed Sexton, Yohan Delton, Ryan Crisp, Mark Watkins

Publications Committee Tyler Watson, Chair
Publish findings and insights from faculty including conferences, site visits, and research

  • Perspective Journal
  • Learning & Teaching Website

Committee Members: Casey Hurley, Kevin Galbraith, Matt Alba, Matt Moore, Daris Howard

Resources Committee Phil Allred, Chair
Advertise and allocate resources for Thomas E. Ricks and student research funds

  • Thomas E. Ricks
  • Mentored Student Research Funding

Committee Members: (To be determined)

Travel Committee Josh Holt, Chair
Coordinate selection and travel for faculty groups while developing cross-disciplinary friendships

  • Teaching Conferences
  • Best Practice Site Visits

Committee Members: Mike Groesbeck, Matt Whoolery, Derek Jensen, Wade Huntsman, Danae Romrell