Students express their appreciation to faculty through a video presented at the annual Faculty Banquet.

May 17, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

At the BYU-Idaho Faculty Banquet on May 11th, 2012, members of the faculty were honored for their teaching efforts. This annual event included remarks from President Clark and Brother Broadhead, a special musical number by Robert Tueller and Aaron Miller, presentation of the Exemplary Faculty Awards, and a video of students expressing their gratitude to the faculty for the difference they have made in their students' lives.

In 2011, the Best Practices Committee sent an online survey to current BYU-Idaho students asking them to respond to the question: "Have you had a singular experience at BYU-Idaho in which a faculty member has impacted you and changed your life?"

According to Brother Todd Kelson, Chair of the Best Practices Committee, the response was overwhelming. "There were many students who expressed their appreciation, not just to one faculty member, but to many (faculty members) who have interacted with them in and out of the classroom." He continued, "Students really do appreciate what their teachers do for them, but in many cases, the students don't express their gratitude to them. Some may be too shy to say something, while others may fear if they say something the teacher may think they are just trying to raise their grade by giving a compliment."

This year's recipients of the Exemplary Faculty Award were: Steven Hay, Lon Pyper, Joyce Anderson, Kathleen Gordon, Suzette Gee, Dan Pearce, Kristen Glenn, Sarah Baird, Darryl Foutz, Ronald Nate, Rex Barzee, Carol Waite, Steven Christenson, John Zenger, Kerry Powell, Jean Shippen, Reed Nielson, Kevin Twitchell, Kevin Kelley, Cynthia Goodsell, Vince Bodily, Jennifer Wadsworth, Bill Holman, and Nadine Luke.