Faculty are being encouraged to help their students uphold the Honor Code's high standards.

February 25, 2013
Writer: Hayden Coombs

One of the most important elements of the Honor Code is the opportunity everyone on this campus has to encourage others in their commitment to live up to the Honor Code's high standards. Encourage, as President Clark defined it during his beginning of the semester devotional, means to inspire, to invite with energy, to help activate or bring to life.

President Clark said, "This standard is a call to reach out to a friend or a roommate who may be discouraged or confused about the Honor Code or may be having trouble keeping his or her commitments. The purposes of this standard are to help you learn to love your neighbor, to save souls, and to protect and strengthen the Spirit on this campus."

Faculty have a unique opportunity every day on campus to invite and encourage the student body to uphold their commitment to the Honor Code. Reaching out to students who are struggling to keep their commitment is an act of love, teaching, and concern.

Faculty are encouraged to consider what their respective roles are as leaders of this campus. The impact that one loving member of the faculty can have on this campus is immeasurable. Faculty are invited to review President Clark's devotional and consider the implications or their role as a faculty member in this process.

President Clark concluded devotional, saying, "You are beloved of the Lord. He knows you perfectly. He loves you. He has brought you to BYU-Idaho, and He expects great things of you... This is the promise: if you follow the Savior and act with faith in Him to live the letter and the spirit of the Honor Code, He will protect you and prepare you to be His true disciples and receive His choicest blessings, now and forever."

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to encouraging students to keep the Honor Code, please visit the new Student Honor Office Website.