October 6, 2011
Writer: Brian Schmidt

To support faculty efforts in teaching the Learning Model additional teaching measures are being implemented outside of the classroom. These activities are being coordinated by Guy Hollingsworth as part of his new responsibility as Associate Academic Vice President of Student Connections.



A messaging campaign will be launched by University Communications in the coming weeks to help better overcome student concerns with the Learning Model. The campaign will address common misconceptions voiced in a recent student survey. A cartoon characterization will graphically represent the concern and invite students to find out “the truth” by clicking on a web link that presents a counter explanation. The intent is that by acknowledging these issues, students will honestly consider the validity of their viewpoint.


The linked web site clarifies that the Learning Model is based on five basic principles. Additional misconceptions are discussed with video clips and additional resources to deepen understanding and allow further online discussion. Some of upcoming topics include:


  • The Learning Model =Group Work
  • I Can’t Learn From my Peers
  • The Learning Model is just a Fad
  • The Learning Model doesn’t apply to my Major


This campaign is just the beginning of a concerted effort to systematically deepen student understanding of the Learning Model. Several key opportunities have been identified during a student’s experience at BYU-Idaho. For example session of freshmen orientation (Get-Connected) is dedicated to the Learning Model. At several other points during a student’s academic progression additional training experiences are being designed to deepen student understanding and internalization Learning Model principles.