Video of Dr. Fink's recent presentation at the campus of BYU-Idaho.

August 13, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

On April 16, 2012, Dr. Dee Fink visited BYU-Idaho to share some of his insights on teaching by addressing the topic of "Improving Myself as a Teacher." Dr. Fink is the author of the book Creating Significant Learning Experiences and is a highly regarded instructional consultant.

Dr. Fink presented the thought to the faculty, "Most of us embrace the idea of trying to get better as a teacher over time. If we make that a priority in our professional work, what would we need to do?"

BYU-Idaho received permission from Dr. Fink to share his presentation. The workshop has been divided into sections for easier viewing. Additional resources are hyperlinked below the video player.

Additional Resources




Section 1         


"Annotated Bibliography on Major Ideas in Teaching"

Section 2              

Five Transformative Practices

Section 3            

1. Change Students' View of Learning

"Teaching Metacognitive Learning Strategies"

 "Priming Students for Self-Directed Learning"

Video "Getting students to re-think why they are in college"

Section 4

2. Learning-Centered Course Design

"Self-Directed Guide on Designing Courses"

"Writing Good Learning Goals"

"Learning-Centered Course Design Diagram"

Additional resources at

Section 5

3. Team-Based Learning

"The Essential Elements of Team-Based Learning"

Additional resources at

Section 6

4. Be a Leader with Your Students

"Fink's Analysis of Bain's Book"

Section 7

5. Students Reflecting on Their Own Learning

"Reflective Writing"

Section 8

Getting Feedback from Knowledgeable Others

"Personal Best"

 "Focused Feedback from Students 2-Part Version"

 "Focused Feedback from Students 3-Part Version"

Section 9